The 1980s brought great change to society, politics, and fashion: women began to emerge as power players in the office, tensions between races and social classes strained the nation, and fashion began to throw away its former rule book, taking inspiration from all cultures, ethnicities, and social backgrounds to create bold, eclectic styles. The nation’s present position, somewhat mirrors that of the Reagan Era, and with the death of so many icons from the 1980s –Nancy Reagan, Prince, David Bowie –and the election of a President who is undeniable symbol of 80s wealth and power, it seems that many of today’s designers have become nostalgic. The fall and spring runways saw a resurgence in 80s silhouettes, colors, and concepts, including one shouldered dresses, broad shoulders, bomber jackets, and lavish embroidery and beading. At the helm of the resurgence were the labels of Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Gucci, Alexandre Vauthier, Kenzo, and Isabel Marant, to name a few.

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